The Undercroft: The center of industry in Holden, occupying the area beneath the great hill on which Park Heights rests. Originally carved out by the dwarves, the massive cave network now houses the majority of workshops as well as the homes of many of the workers and the enclaves of the hill dwarves and rock gnomes.

Old Town: exists at the north edge of the city, near the hill and cave where the town was originally founded, the interior of which is now an elaborate museum dedicated to the founders of the city.

Park Heights: The region on the hill and to the north of the large park preserved in the center of the city. Most of the rich merchant houses have their holdings here, as well as the wealthier individuals of the city. The High Elves maintain a diplomatic mission here, in a single golden tower sitting on a cliff facing the western side of the bay. There are smaller halfling and wood elf communities on the edge of the park itself.

Jothan District: The main center of trade and many of the lesser merchant houses also have their manors here. In what has evolved into the center of town, the district is also home to many taverns, shops, and the massive Dome of the Assembly.

Fish Town: Affectionately (or not) referred to as Fish Town by some, occupy the southern portion of the city facing the bay, and the depth of the water allows for it to be one of the largest ports in the southern hemisphere. The majority of the town was burned in the Great Fire of Fishtown.

The great fire, however, was responsible for ravaging Fish Town in the year 2032 AE, and the Merchant Council of Holden has declared the adventuring band of the well-known pirate criminal Simon Longpecker and his motley collection of pirates, thugs, and ne’er do wells responsible for the destruction of the slums and the deaths of hundreds of its inhabitants.

Riverton The largest and most populace district of Holden. Most of the city’s inhabitants live within the Southeast along the Kurzen River. Any traveller coming by land will pass through the district and will find plenty of taverns & lodges.

Races: Under the founding charter of the city, most races are welcome within the confines of Holden. While humans are the most populous, there are large communities of hill dwarves, halflings, elves, and gnomes within the confines of the city. Half-elves are seen as equally unremarkable, though they face some prejudice from the elven community in particular.

Dragonborn and half-orcs are curiosities, but not greeted with hostility as long as they abide by the tenets of the charter.

Tieflings and drow are greeted with suspicion and distrust, but are technically legally allowed within the city confines, though they are not often well-treated.

Notable People:
Kurzen, the dwarven founder of Holden, remains immortalized as a statue in the courtyard in front of the Dome of Assembly, posed as he struck down the Orcish warlord who ruled the island before his coming. Around him are the other heroes of Holden, figures wearing capes and without faces, so that they do not detract from the glory of Kurzen.

Enrico Donato is the current head of the Merchant Council in Holden, and has lead a revival of the church of Commerce in the city. Additionally, Donato has lead superficial crackdowns on vice in the city, driving out some of the more violent criminal gangs as well as formally outlawing prostitution. These activities have been pushed to the shadows after the amendment of the founding charter under his reign.

Major Houses

Donato – largest and most influencial


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