Ch. 6ish? You can't go home again

Cause it burnt down...

Simon, Shamash, and Aesir sought passage to attempt to restore their fallen companion Corrin. They were joined by two passengers, a wizard of the Two Towers Tim, and a dwarven mercenary named Bohgus.

Shortly after setting sail the wrappings used to carry the mostly deceased Corrin began to stir. To the dismay and shock of the heroes a woodland elf was inside. Introducing himself as Ruevin, the elf seemed as genuinely confused to be there though claimed a quest guided him.

Thankfully, no other troubles followed them and they arrived safely in Holden. There they were met by a member of the tax collectors. The agent led them from though Old Town and into a network of secret passages that seemed to run beneath Holden.

Still on edge from several betrayals, the veteran members suspected a trap while the newcomers were equally confused as to what they had stepped into. Shedding some light was Salia Sorro a tax collector that had worked previously with the party.

She revealed an incredible conspiracy to replace key members of the ruling council with dopplegangers. They had been trying to uncover who or how many of the council had been replaced. On this matter the heroes could help, they had acquired documents that Dynat planned the assassination of the Chancellor of merchan council.

Salia, bade the adventurers to serve as bodyguards having gained her trust and lead them to the Chancellor’s estate. There they waited until in the dead of night deadly shadows began silently killing the guards. While more than a match for the shadows two of the heroes found the real assassin outside the Chancellor’s safe room…



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