Ch. 16 You can't go home again pt 2

get out the vote and get in those dopplegangers

The heroes were attempting to stop the would be assassin of Enrico Donato, the Chancellor of Holden. An invisible stalker was beating down the saferoom door as well as Tim and Simon.

The intervention of the rest of the party was enough to overwhelm the beast and save the Chancellor. A doppleganger was also discovered that was intended to replace the Donato.

With the Dynat plan thwarted for the moment the heroes revealed the list they acquired of the houses targeted to be replaced. Knowing that they would have no better chance, the Chancellor planned on ambushing the replacements at the meeting of the council the following day.

At the council meeting the heroes waited until agents released an incense that would reveal the dopplegangers and set them into motion. Once revealed however, bedlam broke loose. Dozens of agents sprung into action on both sides and the Dynat mage, Menkins, appeared and declared that Holden would fall to them that day.

To his surprise however, the heroes were there to thwart his plans. They quickly pounced on Menkins but the slippery spellcaster brought two potent creatures to help ensure his plan succeeded. The two monsters did not turn the tide against the heroes, but did allow Menkins to escape.

The council was saved, though pretty exploded an more than a little stabbed. Several houses patrons had been murdered and replaced with dopplegangers. While the plot had been thwarted, the future of Holden was far from certain.



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