Tim Darkmagic

Wizard, Mercenary, Folk Hero, and Lover


Tim is tall, lean, and muscular. He has scars across his body from his years of mercenary work, including a particular deep claw mark on the left side of his face that also claimed his eye.

Tim wears an eye-patch most of the time, has a thick beard, and keeps his hair cut close to his head. He prefers simple traveling clothes, and avoids outward indications he is a wizard.

Tim has light green/brown skin, a single red eye (the other now being milky white and blind), and jet black hair.

His tusks are small, and most apparent when he smiles. It usually terrifies children.


Timothy Darkmagic is a bastard child of Percival Darkmagic, the patron of the Darkmagic family of the Sapphire Coast, and the orc woman Grithka, a shaman of not inconsiderable power. Of course, Timothy was something of an embarrassment to the family, the result of an ill-conceived experiment by his father to cross-breed the Darkmagic bloodline with the fury and strength of the Orcish race to produce an ultimate being. The result of this experiment was instead Tim.

As a result, Tim has always been an outcast, from both the proper circles of the Darkmagic family, and from the world at large in the south for being a half-orc and for being a wizard. As a result, he took to mercenary work at an early age, escaping from his family and pretending to be a commoner who knew a few simple tricks.

During his time adventuring, Tim was instrumental in saving the town of Golden’s Bridge in the forest lands of the southeast, singlehandedly tricking an entire group of undead into walking straight off a cliff and saving the town, even after the lord of the manor tried to have him driven away for being a half-orc monster. As a result, his name is echoed throughout taverns and amongst the common folk in the Free Cities and the southeast as a hero of the men and one who sticks his thumb in the eye of the nobility. Tim does not really appreciate the phrasing of the second part, however.

Not, though, that this has prevented Tim from being on the receiving end of racism, suspicion, and hate. He ended up in the northwest at the Two Towers, one of the few places where he did not face open prejudice, after his mercenary career began to bore him and the destruction of the Darkmagic family during the uprisings against magic in the south. All this despite Tim consistently being more educated, more powerful, and more idealistic than those around him, risking his own life and well-being to save others.

As a result, today Tim is arrogant, jaded, and bitter towards society and humans. While he prefers his isolation in the northwest, he knows that his talents are dangerous and valuable, and that in the right situation, he could seize the power needed to mold the world into a better image. At least, of course, in his eyes… well, eye.

Tim, despite this secret yearning for power, is not evil in any grand sense of the word. He still wants a world to exist where things are fair, where people who can’t protect themselves are kept safe, and where rulers are just. Tim, however, acknowledges such a world is a crazy fantasy, like one with mechanical horses that run on their own power or one where information can be transmitted instantly across the globe. As a result, he knows how to get shit done in the real world, even if he doesn’t like it, and has resigned himself to this.

Tim Darkmagic

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