Orphaned child of the forest.


The Foundlings

Somewhere in the forests of the southeast there is a swamp; in the middle of this swamp is a small island; on this island there is a cottage; and in this cottage dwell three witches. These witches are ugly old women, usually; but sometimes they are fair young maidens. Perhaps they are human, or perhaps they are fey, or perhaps they are something else entirely; that is a question they will not answer.

For many years (or maybe ages) these witches dwelt alone, but one day they came across twin half-elf infants, abandoned in the woods. The witches took the twins into their home, naming the boy Corrin and girl Melia, and proceeded to raise them.

Among the Trees

Corrin and Melia were (and still are) very close, sharing everything and trusting each other completely. Their aunts (as they called the witches) were never quite family, and while they considered some of the woodland creatures friends, they trusted each other completely. Yet they were not exactly alike; Corrin was more thoughtful and reserved, while Melia was more clever; and Corrin preferred to spend his spare time in the forest, while Melia enjoyed reading books (excepting of course those which her aunts forbade the children to touch).

In many ways, the upbringing of these children was entirely ordinary; they did chores, played games, and learned the sort of skills one needs in order to get by in a forest. Yet there was always a hint of magic about their lives; they played hide-and-seek with sprites, counted newts’ eyes for potions, had tea with gnomes and elves, learned the true name of every plant on the island, and so much more.

They had many adventures, most small and lighthearted, a few grim. Yet the children always felt safe, for their aunts taught them well and shielded them from the greatest dangers.

Learning to Fly

Corrin and Melia could not remain forever untouched by the magic which surrounded them. In time the children became adolescents and at last became more aware of the magic surrounding them. When finally they found they themselves had power, their aunts knew it was time for them to leave.

Go north for a day, then west until you come to a stream, their aunts told them. Follow the stream until it becomes a river and take the west fork, then follow the river until it reaches the sea. There you will find a ship which will take you … to wherever your lives lead next.

Good-byes were said, some tearful, and the twins headed off. Adventures were had, and with each their skill and power grew. At last the ship they boarded reached Holden, and there Corrin and Melia would begin their new lives.

Gainful Employment

Corrin and Melia were unsure of what to do next. By good fortune, however, they aided a stranger who was an important member of the Scales. Seeing great potential in the twins, he offered them a place in this house.

This seemed as good an opportunity as every, and so Corrin and Melia began their new lives as members of the Scales.


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