Ch. 5 - Progressive sex positive murder

Our intrepid small business men looked to secure their recent purchase of the newly christened Gassy Gnoll. There was still the small matter of the multiple cases of self defense perpetrated against members of the Red Sash gang.

Corrin and Mel sought to pay it forward at the local orphanage, the Riverside Home for Wayward Children.

Kerrick found that the noble having a secret meeting that he inadvertently spied on was from the Lagos merchant family. He had been conspiring with an unknown individual regarding some kind of dangerous plot.

the party was visited by Fedor the captain of the Windjammers, who serve as the guard for Fishtown. Fedor tipped that removing the gang would be seen as a positive for Fishtown and welcomed them to the area.
Asier, Mowagim, and Simon all looked to find out some new information who and what this gang was about. They discovered that the gang was held together by it’s two leaders Ardis & Santis.

Ardis was known as a deft swordsman with a habit of cutting up women. Santis had a reputation as a quite and cunning brute. The heroes decided to set a trap using Mel as bait at a Fishtown brothel. Despite a near disaster at the beginning, the trap was sprung and two dispatched with brutal efficiency.



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