The City of White Stone, Dynat is the Capitol of Dydimon. Dynat clings to it’s fading glory with an arrogant nobility, pompous military and repressed lower class. While still a powerful kingdom, it’s fortunes have turned to the worse and there are constant grumblings from ambitious nobles and other seditious groups.

Slavery, though formally abolished in Dydimon, unlike in the Auronic Imperium to the South, still exists in de-facto fashion thanks to the constant oppression of the poor. The lords of the Empire tax their serfs relentlessly, such that most who live in Dydimon owe a lifetime of debt to one noble or another, and while they are technically free, they lack the ability to do anything other than work to pay off such a debt or flee into exile. Thus, the elaborate system of patronage, excessive taxation, and the use of organized criminal elements as tax collectors on behalf of various noble interests (based around their bloodline claims to various types of industry or locations) means that, in essence, much of the population is little more free than the slaves of the South.

The city itself is one of the architectural marvels of Thejas, carved from white stone and resting against the softly rolling hills of the island. In the early morning, the city appears to be made of gold as the sun rises, and at night, it is often drenched red as the sun sets. The weather is temperate, mild, and conducive to human life and agriculture year round. Some say the reason the serfs of Dydimon tolerate the abuse of the nobles is because they cannot find better weather anywhere else in the world.

Trade passing through the city, the ease of farming and herding in the surrounding lands, and the dominant position with regard to the trading routes to the south mean that some believe Dynat is now the most powerful city in Thejas. Few of these are people who have visited Auron itself, but even so, the fact that such a thing can be said is a testament to the size, reach, and strength of the city, even as it has declined over time.


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