Ch. 5 - Progressive sex positive murder

Our intrepid small business men looked to secure their recent purchase of the newly christened Gassy Gnoll. There was still the small matter of the multiple cases of self defense perpetrated against members of the Red Sash gang.

Corrin and Mel sought to pay it forward at the local orphanage, the Riverside Home for Wayward Children.

Kerrick found that the noble having a secret meeting that he inadvertently spied on was from the Lagos merchant family. He had been conspiring with an unknown individual regarding some kind of dangerous plot.

the party was visited by Fedor the captain of the Windjammers, who serve as the guard for Fishtown. Fedor tipped that removing the gang would be seen as a positive for Fishtown and welcomed them to the area.
Asier, Mowagim, and Simon all looked to find out some new information who and what this gang was about. They discovered that the gang was held together by it’s two leaders Ardis & Santis.

Ardis was known as a deft swordsman with a habit of cutting up women. Santis had a reputation as a quite and cunning brute. The heroes decided to set a trap using Mel as bait at a Fishtown brothel. Despite a near disaster at the beginning, the trap was sprung and two dispatched with brutal efficiency.

Ch 4 - Disbarring Thugs
Scribbled on a scrap of paper found on a bar table

A modest frame of aged wood,
With time transformed from merriment to gray,
A prison without bars but men,
The sign says naught but fly away,
Inside they stare, and rue, and wish they could.

Gold, horses, and freedom, the pirate spoke.
Out the back, through the alleway.
You need not see the prison’s demise.
The jailors shall not stay.
All was lost in blood and screams and smoke.

A modest frame returned to whole,
A single door stained red,
Inside, a pirate carves a sign,
“Come and taste my Longpecker” it said,
To hang above the Gassy Gnoll.

Chapter 3
Seriously, can we stop with the ambushes?

After solving all of their problems with violence and fire, the party is left to explore the remains of the dungeon. In the back, through the ancient chamber with architecture unlike that of modern Holden, the party encounters an empty chest, clearly disturbed recently, from which some kind of item was taken.

They also hear a strange scratching noise, but don’t investigate, as instead they end up back at the entrance of the mine when they encounter a frail, old woman. She turns out to be a hideous Sea Hag when William, inspired by Shamash’s incredible speech, returns with the lost horses from the town to assist the party. They slay her, claim the horses, and escort William to the town of Heathglen, which seems to have quieted down after the initial surge of surviving refugees.

Now, the party continues south, encountering a group on the road that claims to be stranded travelers. They turn out to be agents of another merchant house, attempting to interdict a shipment of magical books that the Scales are in possession of. Instead, they find that the secret cargo of the PC’s wagon is, in fact, a very angry firebreathing dragonborn, and in the ensuing melee, despite several members of the party being severely injured, the PCs prevail.

They interrogate the lone survivor, a relatively surly man named Steven, and send him running after determining that he knows nothing of use and that his boss was a jerk. Finally, before returning to town to their just reward from Garrick, the party encounters a cleric named Moagim on the road.

Demanding to accompany them, it turns out Garrick already knows of him, much to the annoyance of the rest of the party.

Chapter 2
Vicious Vegetables

Continuing on the road north, Aesir, Shamash, Goin, Corrin, and Simon eventually arrive at the town of Paxton’s rest. They leave Dagmer outside the town after being ambushed by a Scarecrow, apparently animated by the evil spirits and will of whatever is afflicting the town.

When they reach the town proper, after a brief search, they encounter the symptoms of the problem: a blight, in the form of an ambush by twig blights. The party ably defends themselves, unlike the villagers of the town, who are revealed to be mostly dead.

Further exploration leads them to encounter a single man, William, who is able to direct them to the mine where the terror that plagues the town originated. He refuses to leave his fortified home, however, as it was the only stone structure in town and thus remains standing.

Upon arriving at the entrance to the mine, the party finds a great battle was fought there, but little is apparent beyond that. An exploration into the depths leads to an encounter with rust monsters, then the fortified room where the foreman of the mine eventually committed suicide when he was trapped by the blight, and finally, the source of the blight itself: the black tree.

How was this problem solved? The same way any problem is solved by a new adventuring party: the liberal application of fire. A vine blight, multiple twig and needle blights, and the tree are all consumed in the resulting conflagration after pitch, burning hands, and flame burst all make an entrance. Melee and fire cleanse the room, and the party is left, perhaps alone, in the dungeon.

Also, everyone smells like burned pitch.

Chapter 1
The Road North

At the One-Eyed Pidgeon, Aesir, Shamash, Goin, Corrin, and Simon met with Garrick of the Scales, one of the senior members of the merchant house. Garrick explained to them that there had been disturbances in the northern regions on the outskirts of Holden’s territory, and that the hamlet of Paxton’s Rest had gone silent. Given that the Scales had mining interests in the area, he asked the party to investigate, with the promise that if they could return having solved the problem or, at worst, having identified the source of it, they would be rewarded.

In the morning, the party met with Dagmer the merchant, another individual in the employ of the Scales, and began their journey north on a wagon. At first the journey was eventful, but in the late evening, they discovered the dead body of a peasant and then were ambushed by gnolls. In the ensuing melee, both Dagmer and Simon were incapacitated, while Aesier, Corrin, Shamash, and Goin were able to use a combination of brute force, creepy whispering, and direct application of fire to gnoll in order to win the day.

After recovering from the fight, the party continued to Hearthglen, where they were able to shelter overnight at the lone inn in the town. They encountered other refugees from Paxton’s Rest and found out mysterious creatures, making strange groaning and creaking noises, had torn down one of the houses in the area and killed multiple families.

In the morning, they continued their journey, almost alone on the road, and passed the fork to Paxton’s Rest, where they encountered a mysterious rider who, unwilling to discuss much of his travels or introduce himself, assured them something was very wrong in the town and that it was not merely bandits.

The party then continued their journey, into the heart of a now-abandoned hamlet haunted by a mysterious, malevolent force.

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