After solving all of their problems with violence and fire, the party is left to explore the remains of the dungeon. In the back, through the ancient chamber with architecture unlike that of modern Holden, the party encounters an empty chest, clearly disturbed recently, from which some kind of item was taken.

They also hear a strange scratching noise, but don’t investigate, as instead they end up back at the entrance of the mine when they encounter a frail, old woman. She turns out to be a hideous Sea Hag when William, inspired by Shamash’s incredible speech, returns with the lost horses from the town to assist the party. They slay her, claim the horses, and escort William to the town of Heathglen, which seems to have quieted down after the initial surge of surviving refugees.

Now, the party continues south, encountering a group on the road that claims to be stranded travelers. They turn out to be agents of another merchant house, attempting to interdict a shipment of magical books that the Scales are in possession of. Instead, they find that the secret cargo of the PC’s wagon is, in fact, a very angry firebreathing dragonborn, and in the ensuing melee, despite several members of the party being severely injured, the PCs prevail.

They interrogate the lone survivor, a relatively surly man named Steven, and send him running after determining that he knows nothing of use and that his boss was a jerk. Finally, before returning to town to their just reward from Garrick, the party encounters a cleric named Moagim on the road.

Demanding to accompany them, it turns out Garrick already knows of him, much to the annoyance of the rest of the party.



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