At the One-Eyed Pidgeon, Aesir, Shamash, Goin, Corrin, and Simon met with Garrick of the Scales, one of the senior members of the merchant house. Garrick explained to them that there had been disturbances in the northern regions on the outskirts of Holden’s territory, and that the hamlet of Paxton’s Rest had gone silent. Given that the Scales had mining interests in the area, he asked the party to investigate, with the promise that if they could return having solved the problem or, at worst, having identified the source of it, they would be rewarded.

In the morning, the party met with Dagmer the merchant, another individual in the employ of the Scales, and began their journey north on a wagon. At first the journey was eventful, but in the late evening, they discovered the dead body of a peasant and then were ambushed by gnolls. In the ensuing melee, both Dagmer and Simon were incapacitated, while Aesier, Corrin, Shamash, and Goin were able to use a combination of brute force, creepy whispering, and direct application of fire to gnoll in order to win the day.

After recovering from the fight, the party continued to Hearthglen, where they were able to shelter overnight at the lone inn in the town. They encountered other refugees from Paxton’s Rest and found out mysterious creatures, making strange groaning and creaking noises, had torn down one of the houses in the area and killed multiple families.

In the morning, they continued their journey, almost alone on the road, and passed the fork to Paxton’s Rest, where they encountered a mysterious rider who, unwilling to discuss much of his travels or introduce himself, assured them something was very wrong in the town and that it was not merely bandits.

The party then continued their journey, into the heart of a now-abandoned hamlet haunted by a mysterious, malevolent force.



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